How to quiet your generator? And without needing to hire or buy a new silent generator!

One step beyond! Move to a quieter environment with our dedicated noise reduction enclosures for generators.

How to get rid of the loud noise of (powerful but) noisy (portable) generators...?

Camping/caravanning/house/catering/tailgating generators are most of the time NOT SO quiet.

Generators' frequencies are part of the most tiring/irritating sound waves range. Of course you can try to buy a new expensive one. But what about to use a soundproofed solution for your existing device?

MS Noise is in the field of acoustic insulation. Especially regarding loud electric devices & noisy generators. We are used to deal with and take care many situations, on a daily basis.

Do you want to know the main brands our custom soundproofed enclosures are dedicated to?
Yes? Oh great, here we go :

Generator soundproof box

Do you own a noisy generator ?

If so, you will be happy to hear that we can insulate A HUGE RANGE OF MODELS.

But please have a look to some supported models we are used to deal with :

Yamaha generators supported models

Lectron generators supported models

Subaru generators supported models

Honda generators supported models

Subaru generators supported models

Hyundai generators supported models

Crommelins generators supported models

Pramac generators supported models

Generac generators supported models

Just make your generator less noisy!

MS Noise is able to design & manufacture standard and custom generators soundproof boxes.

The main goal (and we know here you do agree!) is to reach an acceptable noise level. So we HAVE TO get a very nice noise reduction performance in order to be totally relieved.

Are you ready to hear good news? Our sound enclosures & soundproof covers are able to achieve a noise reduction up to -20dB(A). So an incredible -80% regarding noise perception... Make your device quiet, once and for all!

Any needs in noise abatement, noise covers or quietboxes?
Contact us and let's see what we can do for you!

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