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Racks & cabinets (storage, servers, routers, switches, ups...)

•   Racks & Cabinets (storage, servers, routers)
Please find here our high-end models enclosures (racks & cabinets). They blend discretely into almost any office environment with their light oak veneer finish. The acoustic foam lining reduces audible hardware noise up to -18 dB(A). They are designed for multi-purpose use, quickly adapatable to various requirements. Moreover, they come with ultra-low-noise exhaust fans modules.

Whatever you need, we will do our best to meet your needs and expectations.

Racks & Cabinets
Acoustic cabinets, sound isolation box, server cabinets, computer & server rack enclosure, rack shelf... We have many solutions at your disposal. Our high-end quiet enclosures can soundproof any noisy material.

For example, we have many inquiries regarding very noisy built-in fans inside switches & routers. Several tests were made with 3 of the noisiest CISCO, NETGEAR & 3COM routers. A noisy APC BR1500G UPS (uninterruptible power supply) was used too. We put them in different quiet racks cabinets. So what ? - 18 dB(A)! Results speak for themselves.

To achieve this goal, all parts of the sound insulation box use soundproofing materials. From the acoustic foam to the noise dampening racks, nothing is left to chance. The sound-absorbent foam use the "Egg Box type acoustic tiles". They are very popular within studios and music practice rooms. They have a surface that resembles an egg box and are a very efficient method for controlling the acoustics. The uneven surface of these acoustic tiles enables them to absorb a greater range of frequencies and sound waves and the thicker the tiles the more efficiently they will absorb lower frequencies.

As mentioned above, soundproofed cabinets from MS Noise are designed for multipurpose-use. Is you request looks like these ones ?
  • acoustic attenuation
  • noise emission
  • enclosure cabinets
  • loud fans, fan-noise problem
  • quiet, noiseless pc
  • noisy server
  • vibration damping & sound dampening
  • UPS & noise (silent UPS)
  • soundproofed server room
  • stick-on soundproofing
  • sound-baffling
  • quiet computing (without white noise & airborne noise)
  • low noise (server, fan, pc, cpu)
  • Standard 19" Rack Shelf
  • 2U, 4U, 12U, 42U rackmount
  • equipment rack, rack cabinets & rack shelves
  • ...
Environmental compliance : RoHS, contains no SVHCs. Front and rear accessory rails are included, for cable management. Lockable doors. Simple "plug & play" deployment.

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