How to reduce noise up to -20dB(A) ?

Noises, sounds, acoustic discomfort : a real problem to take care and deal with.

Sounds are quiverings of the air, more or less fast, which propagate in acoustic waves. They are defined by their frequency, expressed in Hertz (Hz).

The noise is a subjective notion qualifying an unpleasant or annoying sound. It is measured in decibel by means of a sonometer. The decibel A (dB (A)) allows to define the level really perceived by the ear. 0 dB (A) is the lowest noise which a human ear can perceive and 50 dB ( A ) the usual level of conversation.

The estimated threshold of harmfulness is usually starting from 80 dB ( A ) exposed at 8 hours a day. Finally, 120 dB ( A ) is a noise level causing a painful sensation.

MS Noise™ designs, produces and delivers solutions to reduce the noise generated by any kind of equipment in laboratories.

MS NOISE™ is the leading manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, water coolers, ultrasonic baths, compressors, nitrogen generators...

MS Noise™ staff offers expertise in the fields of industrial noise, laboratory noise, mechanical noise, environmental noise, noise monitoring, and predictive modeling.

We have smart solutions regarding many fields. For example, we design quiet covers for vacuum pumps. See by yourselves what we can do about these rough pumps (efficient quietboxes : -15dB(A) !) :
  • Edwards RV3, Edwards RV5, Edwards XDS5, Edwards E2M0.7, Edwards E2M1.5, Edwards RV8, Edwards RV12, Edwards E1M18, Edwards E2M28, Edwards E2M30 - quiet covers
  • Leybold S1, Leybold 5, Leybold D2, Leybold 5E, Leybold Triscroll 300, Leybold Triscroll 600, Leybold Trivac D4B, Leybold Trivac D8B, Leybold Trivac D16B, Leybold Trivac D25B - quiet covers
  • Varian MS40+, Varian DS42, Varian DS102, Varian DS202, Varian DS302, Varian DS402, Varian DS602, Varian HS602, Varian HS452, Varian HS652 - quietboxes
  • Ulvac G100DC, Ulvac GLD040 - quietboxes
  • Alcatel 1005SD, Alcatel 1015SD, Alcatel 2004A, Alcatel 2005SD - quietboxes

We use in all our sound reduction systems sound dampening materials such as sound deadening foam, antivibration springs, etc.

Whatever the devices or instruments you use, you will not have to wear ear plugs or use noise cancelling speakers/headsets. MS NOISE is used to carry out very noisy situations, on a daily basis.

Active noise cancellation systems, noise reducing, noise cancelling, noise dampers, noise elimination... This is a real war we fight for!

We do not forget that best noise cancelling systems have to prevent against hot temperatures.

Our noise insulators are equipped with ultra-silent fans & overheating temperature alarms. Please see below a roughing pump sound-insulated with one of our ventilated enclosures :

Industrial noise control & gc-ms maintenance/troubleshooting can really become a tough task to overcome sometimes. Indeed, noise and vibrations have to be reduced to a low & non-harmful level. You can rely on noise canceling technologies from MS NOISE.

Our quietboxes & quiet covers can fit with almost any equipment/device/machine. As a manufacturer, we are able to design custom soundproofing solutions. Custom needs often require custom answers (colors, dimensions, technical items, etc.). Fortunately, we have many ways to reduce noise & vibrations.

Any needs in noise abatement, noise covers or quietboxes? Our last design : enclosure for universal fume scrubber from SCP SCIENCE.Contact us and let's see what we can do for you!