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MS NOISE : Noise enclosure for Nitrogen generator


•   Nitrogen Generator Noise reduction Enclosure

Soundproof enclosures for nitrogen generator - Compatible with all main nitrogen generator manufacturers !

• Enclosures consist of assembled individual panels

• Convenient access for maintenance – by the front/top/side depending of your nitrogen generator model

• Noise reduction performance : -15 db(A) means 75% in noise reduction perception

• Enclosures made of highest material quality for increase sound absorption, worldwide certified (More...)


Specific acoustic air management system for increased heat elimination while keeping optimal acoustic insulation                 
                                       Each model include a sliding window on front area to access nitrogen generator control panel

Enclosure ventilation system consists of six fans
 (total airflow 720 m3/hour).
Fans have long lasting ball bearing mounts,
which guarantee quiet operation and longer lifetime 

 Optional Overheating temperature alarm available (More...)