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Noise enclosure for benchtop instruments & benchtop devices

•   Enclosure for Benchtop Instruments & Devices

MS Noise™ reduction enclosures for benchtop instruments & benchtop devices accommodate all major models of ultrasonic baths, sonicators, centrifuges, lab mixers, agitators, shakers, incubators, noisy instruments of measurement, etc. To put in a nutshell : all noisy small & medium lab equipments (just like Retsch Mixer Mill MM200 & MM400 models)...

They reduce the typical noise of operating benchtop devices to a low level (noise reduction performance up to - 20dB(A) ).

These soundproofed enclosures come with transparent doors offering viewing convenience while limiting the noise to an acceptable level.

If you have ultrasonic baths / ultrasonic cleaners, we have a dedicated sound insulation solution to prevent potential hearing damage. If so, please check out our dedicated noise reduction enclosure by clicking here (transparent door equipped with 2 gas springs for easy, fast and frequent access).
   Noise enclosure for benchtop instruments

These enclosures are designed for multipurpose-use. Is you request about noise reduction enclosure & noisy benchtop instruments is concerning these devices ?

  • sonicator & ultrasonic equipments, sonic cleaners, sonic cleaning & ultrasound cleaners, water bath sonicator, sonic dismembrator, probe sonicator, ultrasonic cleaning machine
  • cell homogenizer, ultrasonic homogeniser
  • centrifuge machine, noisy centrifugal fans, centrifugal blower, centrifugal chiller, centrifugal separator
  • washer agitators, mixer agitators, lab agitator
  • many other benchtop devices/instruments...

 Soundproofed noise reduction enclosures from MS NOISE are ventilated. Your lab device/instrument will be protected from heat by a cool air inflow.

If you need more details, get in touch with our team and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have within 48 hours.