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> Noise abatement products (dedicated acoustic enclosures)

•   Sound Abating Enclosures for benchtop devices & noisy instruments
Most of lab devices are noisy. For example, sonicators produce high pitch noise that can cause discomfort to the user and anyone in the laboratory.

MS NOISE sound abating/acoustic enclosures significantly reduce this noise to safe levels.

They reduce the typical noise of operating benchtop devices to a low level (noise reduction performance up to - 20dB(A) ). It results in a significant 80% reduction in noise perception. Why, then, should noise be tolerated ?

These enclosures are designed for multipurpose-use and are ventilated. Your lab device/instrument will be protected from heat by a cool air inflow. Is you request about noise abatement products & noisy benchtop instruments ?

Whatever it is, from
sample preparation, dispersion, cell lysing, desegregation, homogenization, particle size reduction, soil testing, transesterification (including biodiesel production), nanotechnology (including nanoparticle and Graphene dispersion), acceleration of chemical reactions to degassing and atomization, you will find a solution!

Custom noise reduction enclosures are available for specific use : Sound Enclosure with Clamp, Sound enclosure probe sonicator, Sound Enclosure with converter clamp, Ultrasonic Processor Sound-Abating enclosure, Vibracell sound enclosure, etc.

Specific Probe Sonicators Sound Enclosures are available and designed to hold the converter and probe assembly safely and securely while reducing noise level of operation. The interior is water resistant for easy cleaning while transparent door equipped with 2 gas springs acts for easy, fast and frequent access.