•   SV65, XDS46, XDS100 quiet covers & boxes

EDWARDS XDS100, EDWARDS XDS46, LEYBOLD SV65, ... noise reduction enclosures > MS NOISE™ was created in 2005, and is focused on acoustic & noise reduction in laboratories.

MS Noise™ designs, produces and delivers solutions to reduce the noise generated by any kind of equipment in laboratories such as pumps.

MS NOISE™ is the leading manufacturer of quiet boxes and quiet covers for vacuum pumps such as XDS100, XDS46 and equivalent series.

- 15 db(A), Performance is about 75% reduction in noise perception !

  • FOR EDWARDS XDS100, EDWARDS XDS46, LEYBOLD SV65 and so on...

  • Quiet box 01 XDS100

    Quiet box 01 XDS46

We also design and produce custom OEM noise reduction boxes on request, in cooperation with major worldwide companies.

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