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MS NOISE : Noise enclosure for Water Chiller


•   Water Chiller Noise reduction enclosure

Soundproof enclosures for water chillers - Compatible with all main water coolers manufacturers !

• Water Coolers enclosures consist of assembled individual panels

• Installation is very easy and is achieved without tools and without disconnecting the waterchiller. 
  No equipment down time !

• Convenient access for maintenance – by the front/top/side depending water chiller model

• Noise reduction performance : -15 db(A) means 75% in noise reduction perception

• Enclosures made of highest material quality for increase sound absorption, wolrwide certified (More...)


Specific acoustic air management system for increased heat elimination while keeping optimal acoustic insulation                 
                                       Each model include a sliding window on front area to access water chiller control panel and water chiller level indicator is readable through the windows

Enclosure ventilation system consists of six fans
 (total airflow 720 m3/hour).
Fans have long lasting ball bearing mounts,
which guarantee quiet operation and longer lifetime 

 Optional Overheating temperature alarm available (More...)  

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