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MS Noise, for a Quiet and Convenient Laboratory
•   Vibration Dampening solutions

We provide also solutions to drastically reduce or eliminate the vacuum pump vibration telegraphed through the floor.

Doing this provides an additional soundproofing performance and comfort.

Anti-vibration pads (pack of 4) 


When installed under your vacuum pump, these solid neoprene pads dampen vibration.

The configuration of our anti-vibration pads provides firm footing to both floor and equipment. They can be easily and quickly installed under your vacuum pump.

Anti-vibration mat  

Custom sized based on your vacuum pump brand and model, this mat can be placed directly on the floor or inside our optional vacuum pump tray on caster wheels.

Vibration Isolators (pack of 4) – Better than 90% isolation at 1500 rpm (25 hz) !

Reduce transmission vibration and noise when the pump is floor or frame mounted and help to reduce strain when the mounting area is uneven. Flexible pipes to the pump inlet and outlet must be used due to the movement of the pump attached to the vibration isolators.  You can also add these types of isolators to your vacuum pump if you mount it into a frame, system, bench… 

- Constant height over wide load range
- Good dynamic performance at high frequencies
- Withstands tiredness at shock
- Low creep.
- Fixation by screw on vacuum pumps feet

Anti-vibration plate

  • Custom made
  • Spring insulator passive technology
  • Stainless steel
  • low frequency isolation
  • vibration reduction until 95 %
  • made with heavy-duty parts
  • Application : Compression units & Pumps



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