•   MS NOISE announces a new noise reduction enclosure for the Retsch Mixers MM200 & MM400 models.

Noise reduction enclosures for specific devices > MS NOISE™ was created in 2005, and is focused on acoustic insulation in laboratories.

MS Noise™ designs, produces and delivers solutions to reduce the noise generated by any kind of equipment in laboratories.

We are the leading manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, water coolers, ultrasonic bath, compressors,nitrogen generators.

We provide also consultant services in the fields of noise, acoustic, sound and vibration.

MS Noise™ staff offers expertise in the fields of industrial noise, laboratory noise, mechanical noise, environmental noise, noise monitoring, and predictive modelling.

Mixer Mills grind and homogenize small sample volumes quickly and efficiently by impact and friction. They are suitable for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding as well as for cell disruption for DNA/RNA recovery.

  • Check out our new noise reduction enclosure dedicated to the Retsch Mixer MM200 & MM400 models (up to -15dB(A))

  • Retsch Mix Miller MM200 model Retsch Mix Miller MM400 model

    We do successfully soundproof this kind of equipment, just see the video below and check by yourself!

    We also design and produce custom OEM vacuum pump enclosures on request, in cooperation with major worldwide companies.

    In this case, we can adapt many parameters.

    Examples :

    - Cooling performance
    - Complete design (Size, Shape, Colour, OEM branding logo...)
    - Pipe work and power supply optimization from and to the equipment
    - Accessibility optimization
    - Noise enclosure illumination for easy oil level check through window
    - Pump ballasting and oil draining process optimization
    - Digital temperature display, overheating temperature alarm device
    - Vibration optimization
    - Ready to use or flatpack delivery (assembly in less than 5 minutes, no tools required)


    Keywords : Retsch Mix Miller, Retsch MM200, Retsch MM400