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MS NOISE : Oil drain kit : quickly change oil

•   Oil drain Valve

Fast, easy and clean oil change - compatible with all vacuum pumps !

Vacuum pump manufacturers recommend regular oil changes to prevent damage to the rough pump, and to extend pump life-time. This recommendation is very often neglected and the result is that vacuum pump life-time is often shortened.

Why is oil not changed regularly ?

Changing the oil is difficult : oil leaks everywhere, heavy pumps makes it difficult to move…Therefore MS NOISE™ designed the Oil drain valve and oil change pump kit !

Save time on your maintenance and perform oil change in an easy and clean way, even in very difficult access areas (example: such as below or behind a bench).

‚óŹ MS Noise™ Oil drain valve

1 ball bearing valve with quick connector to install on the pump definitively [with adaptations compatible for all vacuum pump oil drain plug threading].

Remove the oil drain plug from your pump and install the ball bearing valve (let the original o-ring in place and use the correct adaptation threading provided in the kit. Make sure ball valve lever position is closed). Let the valve on closed position on your pump definitively. In addition you can use our oil change pump kit for easy and fast oil change ! (More...)


Oil Drain Valve  




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