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•   Performance
MS Noise™ reduction boxes range provides noise reduction performance from - 15 db(A) for vacuum pump enclosure up to - 20 db(A) for ultrasonic bath enclosure.

Db(A) is Loudness measurement according to human ear perception.

The decibel (Db) is commonly used in acoustics to quantify sound levels relative to a 0 dB reference which has been defined as a sound pressure level of .0002 microbar. The human ear has a large dynamic range in audio perception. Such large measurement ranges are conveniently expressed in logarithmic units. The reference level is set at the typical threshold of perception of a human.

A weighting (A) is commonly used for the measurement of environmental or industrial noise, as well as when assessing potential hearing damage and other noise health effect at all sound levels. The use of A-frequency-weighting is now mandated for all these measurements.

The aim is to ensure that measured loudness corresponds well with subjectively perceived loudness.

MS Noise™ enclosures provide about 75% reduction in noise perception !

Thick 50 mm polyurethane acoustic foam material covers the interior part   
The foam has open cells construction that delivers very good noise absorption  
The wavy factor of the foam multiplies absorption capacity by increasing the surface area
Specific MS Noise™ Enclosures air management system for increased heat elimination, while keeping optimal soundproofing             


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