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MS NOISE : DBL Series for 1 or 2 pumps


•   Vacuum pump enclosure : DBL Series



Compatible with all vacuum pump manufacturers
Support vacuum pumps from leading
mass spec & electron microscope manufacturers
Edwards,Leybold, Oerlikon, Varian, Alcatel, Adixen, Pfeiffer, Busch, Gast, Vaccubrand, Elmo, Rietschle…
Thermo Scientific, Waters, AB Sciex, Bruker, Agilent, Leco, Jeol, Zeiss, Shimadzu, Varian, Perkin Elmer, Nu Instruments, Carl Zeiss, Hitachi, FEI, Aspex Corporation...



DBL series noise reduction enclosures are mainly used to accomodate two vacuum pumps in a single model.

DBL series consist of two main parts :

• a base with a door including a frontal window

• a top cover place

Installation is easy and is achieved without tools.

Oil mist filter fits inside or outside the enclosure. 

Convenient access for system checks and maintenance – by the front and the top.

 Noise reduction performance : -15 db(A) means 75% in noise reduction perception (More...)

Enclosures made of highest material quality for increase sound absorption, wolrwide certified (More...)


Frontal access door. 
    Top cover plate can be easily removed
(no tools required).
  Window for easy oil level check
(integrated lighting available on request). 
    Four especially designed fans ( 480 m3/hour) , with long lasting ball bearing  mounts, which guarantee a very quiet operation and long lifetime.
  Easy visual check for correct operation.
A green led allows an easy and a quick verification.
Lockable connector to avoid
accidental disconnections.
  Optional : overheating temperature alarm (More...)   
    Optional : oil tray on caster wheels (More...) 
 Optional : connection to building air conditionning extraction (More...) 

 Illustrated examples :

Thermo MS Orbitrap™ with 2 X Edwards E2M28

Waters Micromass™ with 2 X Varian HS 602

Waters Xevo TQS Noise Enclosure with 2 Leybold SV65 BI



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