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MS NOISE : Build your Noise Reduction Cover


•   Custom Noise Reduction Enclosure

MS Noise designs and manufactures custom enclosures on request

Sound Enclosures reduce the noise made from industrial or mechanical equipment.

Also known as noise control enclosures, acoustic enclosures, sound booths, sound insulation boxes, steel enclosures, or machine and equipment enclosures, these self supporting noise barriers enclose noisy equipment without limiting access.
We offer options such as acoustic rated doors and windows, fully removable wall and roof panels, passive or forced air ventilation packages, lighting, and turnkey installations.

Common equipment applications include vacuum pumps, compressors, generators, blowers, hydraulic pumps, industrial fans, and many other noisy equipments.


MS Noise enclosures are designed to meet your personal needs : various wall thicknesses, access doors, windows, silenced ventilation systems...

Our enclosures are designed to keep sound inside to ensure maximum acoustical efficiency for the comfort. This solution prevents or reduces the noise being generated.

We offer complete design, engineering, and manufacturing and installation capabilities for all of our products. Last production is for the Ebara EV-SA20 & EV-SA30 backing pumps.

Let us know your noise reduction expectations ! 


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